Daughter of Sparta

By Kristen LePine

Set in ancient Greece, Daughter of Sparta follows Gorgo, the real daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta, and the events leading up to the Ionian Revolt.

Daughter of Sparta: Chapter One opens with a reimagined twist on the Medusa myth.

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Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Two introduces readers to Gorgo, the real daughter of King Cleomenes I, who is unluckily named after the mythological beast

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Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Three continues Gorgo’s story. She journeys through the Spartan village to meet her friend Phoebe, who is a priestess at the sanctuary of Artemis at Orthia.

Chapter 3

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In Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Four, Gorgo and her family attend a dinner party and meet two foreigners who have traveled across the Aegean Sea to ask for Sparta’s help.

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Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Five focuses not on Gorgo, but on the two foreigners who have come to Sparta seeking support for an Ionian Revolt: Aristagoras of Miletus and his nephew Perseus.

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In Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Six Gorgo is introduced to a treasure Aristagoras of Miletus brings to woo King Cleomenes to commit to his war campaign.

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In Chapter Seven, Gorgo reluctantly takes the foreign man, Perseus for a tour of Sparta that turns out to be more adventurous and revealing than she expected.

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Chapter Eight features the gruesome Spartan initiation ceremony — The Cheese Contest — on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia.

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In Chapter Nine, Gorgo talks to Phoebe, a priestess at Artemis Orthia, about her mysterious Medusa dream

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