Historic Heroines First Book Trailer

Historic Heroines has made its first book trailer for Children’s Letters to a Holocaust Survivor: Dear Esther by Richard Rashke.

Esther Terner made a vow to share her Holocaust story because she believed that hatred and bigotry could be turned into hope and love.  Children’s Letters to a Holocaust Survivor by Richard Rashke is a testament to Esther’s promise and the children she touched. Produced by Historic Heroines.

Children’s Letters to a Holocaust Survivor: Dear Esther is now on sale on Amazon.

About Kristen LePine

KRISTEN LEPINE is the co-founder and Executive Director of Historic Heroines. An accomplished writer, educator and mother, Kristen is often inspired by history and current events. She wrote about Nellie Bly and mental health care in CRACKED POTS, a play commissioned by Theatre J in Washington DC. Currently she is working on a historical novel set in ancient Sparta. Visit her at www.kristenlepine.com.

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