Historic Heroines is a Non-Profit

Historic Heroines announced today that it has attained non-profit status, and its address has changed to reflect our new tax-exempt status. Readers can now find us at www.historicheroines.org.  Additionally, we have some exciting projects in the works for 2016 that we want to share.

In April we will publish our first book, Letters to a Holocaust Survivor: Dear Esther by Richard Rashke.  The author of Escape from Sobibor, The Killing of Karen Silkwood, The Whistleblowers Dilemma, and Useful Enemies returns to the subject of Esther Tenner Rabb. Mr. Rashke first met Esther when he interviewed her for his book, Escape from Sobibor, a gripping historical account of how Esther and 300 other Jews escaped from a Nazi concentration camp in Sobibor, Poland in 1943. It was the biggest escape of World War II.

Mr. Rashke said of their first meeting, “She spoke with quiet strength as she walked back into the death camp and invited me to follow.” After Escape from Sobibor was released, Esther was invited to speak at public schools about her experiences, and her quiet strength was embraced by those she touched. Letters poured into Esther from school children expressing their love, concern, and outrage. Those letters became the inspiration for the play Dear Esther, which has been produced in over 200 theatres and schools reaching more than 100,000 people.

Mr. Rashke has now curated these letters to Esther and some student drawings along with an updated version of his play. Letters to a Holocaust Survivor: Dear Esther will commemorate Esther’s spirit and the compassionate children she touched.

Additionally, Historic Heroines is working with Richard Rashke on a new retelling of a beloved Japanese fable, The Crane Wife. It a haunting story for all ages about the power of love, the difficulty of sacrifice, and the dangers of greed.

In 2016 we will continue to publish for free our original fiction series, Daughter of Sparta by Kristen LePine.  Set in ancient Sparta, this coming of age historical novel opens with a reimagined twist on the Medusa myth and then follows a real girl who was named after the mythical beast. Gorgo was the daughter of King Cleomenes I and wife to King Leonidas, and her tale spans from the Ionian Revolt through the Greco-Persian War. Chapters 1-3 can be downloaded on our website and through iBooks, Barnes and Nobles and Scribd. We encourage readers to participate in the process by adding their comments and reviews as the series develops chapter by chapter.

These projects will continue our mission to champion the female voice in history and literature. In the next couple of weeks, we will launch our first fundraising campaign to help us fund these projects. Please consider helping us create new stories about Historic Heroines with a tax-deductible donation.

We want to thank our readers for their support. We are thrilled and encouraged by your enthusiasm for our mission.


About Kristen LePine

KRISTEN LEPINE is the co-founder and Executive Director of Historic Heroines. An accomplished writer, educator and mother, Kristen is often inspired by history and current events. She wrote about Nellie Bly and mental health care in CRACKED POTS, a play commissioned by Theatre J in Washington DC. Currently she is working on a historical novel set in ancient Sparta. Visit her at www.kristenlepine.com.

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